• Mindset.

    Are you overall content? Which state of being is dominant to you and are you happy there? How do you feel about yourself? About your life? 


    It all starts with the right mindset. How do you look at challenges in your life? How do you handle obstacles? Which story do you tell yourself?


    I AM just in love with the quote by Tony Robbins: Life happens for you, not to you. For me, that mindshift was life-changing. If you can see a blessing in every obstacle, you can start to transform from the inside out. 


    Mindset is feeling certainty and sparks of joy in your heart that you will achieve what you put your mind to. It's so challenging and simple at the same time, you just have to believe in yourself. Unconditionally. No matter what. 


  • Attitude.

    I created Nini Legend a couple of years ago. She is my alter ego. Actually, she IS the real me, my true spirit. The one who is fierce and unapologetically herself. I created her in order to show up daily as the best version of myself. 


    Attitude is what will get you moving in life. Attitude is the fuel behind taking massive action to unstuck yourself. You have to decide which cape you are putting on. To me it means walking in power, fierce and fearless.


    You have to determine who you want to be in this life because 'I AM' are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality. 


  • Determination.

    The motto I live by is this: For all the doors that have closed on me, I'm coming back to buy the building. This phrase alone has made me move mountains. It speaks volumes to me in a way that I get the hardships done even when I don't know how to get there. 


    Good strategy is one thing, but if you really want to succeed, you have to be willing to keep going and keep taking steps without giving up until you get there. Even when it gets hard. The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. I am convinced that fortitude is my superpower in this one. Once I set my mind on it, I just won't quit. 


    It's about creating empowering beliefs about yourself that will help you push forward. It's about taking responsibility and being accountable for taking your heart's desires seriously. Pursue your dreams as you know they are going to manifest, no matter what. You owe that to yourself.

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