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Choosing A New Life


It's Launch Date! 

I AM sooo excited!!! It’s Launch Day on this beautiful THANKFUL Tuesday, November 2. Let me tell you, it HAD to be on a Tuesday, because all of this is greater than me and I AM so grateful for this manifestation. I AM sure expressing lots of extra Thank You’s today. It HAD to be November, because not only is it my birthday month, but the 11th month of the year also stands for...

Choosing A New Life

Aaaaahhh! Launching tomorrow and I AM anxious, nervous and excited ALL at the same time. And I still have like a million things to do, oh my! I AM solely waving on adrenaline these days, hardly getting any sleep because of the butterflies in my stomach and my never-ending to-do list. Not complaining tho. Not complaining at all! It’s just how my days be looking these days, sprinting in full force towards the BIG DAY tomorrow...


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